Sep 01, 2002 · Manipulative therapy and exercise can reduce the symptoms of cervicogenic headache, and the effects are maintained. The combined therapies was not significantly superior to either therapy alone, but 10% more patients gained relief with the combination, and the neck pain and effects were maintained.. "/>
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Cervicogenic headache exercises pdf

The prevalence of cervicogenic headache in the general population is estimated to be 4.1%, but is as high as 20% of patients with chronic headache [3, 8]. The most general cause of cervicogenic headache (CGH) is the alteration of structure in the neck due to bad posture [8]. It is noted that CGHs can often be related to forward neck and head.

Cervicogenic headache is relatively common and still controversial form of headache. Cervicogenic headache has been classified by International Headache Society and accounts for 15% to 20% of all chronic and recurrent headaches. The estimated prevalence of disorder ranging from 0.7% to 13.8%. The individuals with chronic cervicogenic headache experience.

The prevalence of cervicogenic headache in clinical diagnosis is estimated to be 1%, 2.5% 4 or 4.1% 5 in general patients and as high as 17.5% among patients with severe headache. 4 The prevalence is 53% in whiplash patients.6 The C2-3 zygapaphyseal joint involvement is the most frequent source of cervicogenic headache. 8 The pathology of the atlanto-axial joint is. Important characteristics of cervicogenic headache include unilateral head- ache with symptoms and signs of neck involvement, including impairment in cervical spine ROM and pain on palpation of the neck structures, especially on the upper cervical spine [57]. However, patients with cervicogenic headache may have headache without neck pain [35].

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Patient Information Leaflet: Cervicogenic Headache [Printable leaflet] This advice leaflet outlines the causes of a cervicogenic headache, the symptoms, diagnosis and how.

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Cervicogenic headache exercises pdf